New (to us) Refridgerator

IMG_5360We have a new-to-us refrigerator! It was given to us by a neighbor who was moving. She couldn’t take it with her, couldn’t leave it in the house, but wanted to see it go to a good home.

Our refrigerator was 20 years old and making funny noises. When she offered it to us, we said yes even though it is a little wide for the spot we have to put it in. (My husband is talking about extending the wall a little to accommodate its wider girth! He did the same for the $25 wall oven I found at a church sale.) Our old fridge was 20 cu ft. and this one is 25 cu ft. IMG_5361

Our power company will pick up and recycle clean, running refrigerators and give us $50 to boot! That paid for renting an appliance dolly to move the refrigerators around. We just had to contribute the sweat equity to get it moved out of one house and into another and move our old fridge to the garage.

What a blessing. She was a good neighbor and a very generous, decent human being. (Yes, they are still out there!) Begonia

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