Recycled Geraniums



IMG_5334I just repotted my geraniums for the season. I hate to pay for geraniums when I can get them for free. I picked up of these geraniums from my local village composting site, and one of them is a couple years old. In the fall, people dump all manner of good things at the end of the growing season. (See my Oct. 27, 2011 blog “Compost Site Diving.”)

Last year just before the killing frost, I pulled the plants up by the roots, shook off the excess dirt, and stored them in an open paper grocery bag in my partially heated garage for the winter. (Oldtimers used to pull geraniums and hang them roots-up in a dark part of their unheated basements.) The time to repot is when you see tiny new leaves beginning to grow at the tips and in places along the stems (usually in January or February!)

I pulled a few pots off my patio and brought them in to thaw. Then, I pulled off all of last year’s dead leaves and clipped any truly dead branches. I also pruned off a few tops that had new growth at the base with too much wood in between. (To encourage bushy new growth.) I loosened the soil in my now-thawed pots and replanted the slightly wizened geraniums giving them a good drink. (I’ll follow up with a dose of water-soluble fertilizer later.) They look kind of pathetic right now, but they will soon leaf out.

When all chance of frost has passed, I will harden off these repotted geraniums along with my tomatoes. Begonia

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