Pastel Snowflakes

IMG_5316I’ve been doing quite a bit of crocheting lately. Crochet is “hip,” sort of like knitting was a few years ago. They even have little signs in the windows of fiber shops now that say, “Crocheters Welcome!”. (Is crocheter even a word?)

Crocheting is also a stress reliever for me, and over the years, it has been a modest money maker as well. I used to crochet tiny hat and mitten pins when I was in high school and college back in the recession of the 1980s and would sell enough of them to finance Christmas presents for family and friends. One summer, I even went to Eleva-Strum Broiler Festival, bought a space at the craft fair, and sold enough potholders and worm bookmarks to pay for my next batch of resumes AND to enter the 5k!

There are tons of new pattern and technique boIMG_5322oks out that aren’t your Mom’s tasteless 1970s and 80s crochet kitsch. (Not that there aren’t some fun patterns from the 1970s.)

I have been having fun crocheting these pastel snowflakes. I’m acutally using vintageIMG_5320 cotton to create these ornaments. I found all of this colored cotton cheap at antique and collectible shops and malls. (The dealers pick it up for probably a buck a lot at the tail end of estate auctions.) The colors remind me of spring. We get quite a bit of snow in spring around here, so they don’t seem out of place to me.

IMG_5308I picked the branch from a snowdrift in the backyard after a late-winter ice storm; filled the hand thrown vase with stones picked from the stony beaches of Lakes Superior and Michigan, topping it off with pine cones from various Wisconsin state parks; and hung the designs that held their shape without stiffening. It turned out pretty nice. What have you been working on lately?

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