Reunion at the Fargo Mansion

Every year that I am able, I attend a reunion of friends I made while living on campus in Putman Hall. Some years we meet in the Eau Claire area and visit our alma mater, the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. Other years we have met in each other’s homes, family cabins, or in recent years, bed and breakfasts—reasonably priced B&Bs, because none of us graduated with skill sets that would make us much money. We became writers, editors, music therapists, and teachers.

In the early years, we traveled north to spend a weekend at one classmate’s family retreat in the Chequamegan national forest. A cabin with a wood heater, electricity, and an outhouse. I miss that outhouse with its interesting sayings and reading material—but not the big hairy spider. . . I forget its name. . . who lived there. I slept on the kitchen floor and made the mistake one year of sleeping with my head near the garbage can. The mice kept me awake half the night skittering around and jumping over my head on their way to and from the bin. The colors of the trees were beautiful, and the hikes in the woods and the trips to local junk shops were invigorating.

In more recent years, we have become more comfort loving and almost always stay at B&Bs. This year I was able to commute to Lake Mills for a day. The other gals had farther to travel, so they stayed at the B&B, the Fargo Mansion Inn. The house is probably the grandest we have stayed at yet and has quite a history and an interesting story of renovation. Some famous people have even stayed there. (What Orville Redenbacher was doing in Lake Mills, I have no idea!)

I love old houses and buildings, so I took a bunch of pictures of the interior to share.  We will be going back to Lake Mills as a family on Dec. 1st to do their holiday tour of homes and eat lunch at the excellent Mexican restaurant downtown. Enjoy! Begonia




















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