Cheap Fall Bedding for the Chicken Yard

I raked a bunch of leaves into my chicken yard this morning just to add some novelty to their day. They were terrified and hastily retreated to the coop initially. Then they began to peck at the leaves and run away when they rustled. Then one would start scratching in the leaves, making them puff into the air, and they would all BAWWWK (including the one scratching), fly up, and run away in total panic. Hysterical. We call it chicken-vision. We are, needless to say, easily entertained!

My regular supply of hay and straw has been disrupted by the drought and the leaves are a substitute until I find a new provider! Hay is going to be expensive this winter, but there are plenty of leaves right now. The girls still don’t like it when I rake them into the yard, but they sure enjoy them once they are in place! Begonia

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