Last Tomato Harvest of 2012

I harvested all of my tomatoes a few days ago. I had just finished volunteering for most of the day at the friends of the library book sale. The last thing I wanted to do was heft my behind out of the recliner and pick tomatoes, but frost waits for no woman.

Despite the drought, it was a good year for tomatoes—especially for those of us who watered faithfully through the worst part of the heat. You can see that these tomato  vines fruited heavily, and I got a tremendous harvest from the small area next to my front walk!

The tomatoes were slow to pollinate because of the heat, and the Hillbilly Potato Leafs were still blooming when I uprooted the vines for composting. I wish that I had another three weeks of at least 70°F weather for them to finish up gracefully!

All these boxes of tomatoes are in the house now beginning to ripen. (You can only eat so many of green tomatoes fried, and your friends will quit inviting you to dinner if you bring one more mock apple pie for dessert!) If you are wondering on how best to ripen your end-of-season tomatoes,check out my Nov. 21, 2011 blog, Odds and Ends—Green Tomatoes.)

I am out of room in my chest freezer, and my last trip to my favorite Bent and Dent surplus grocery came up short on tomatoes, so I am going to have to can the rest of them! Begonia



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