Chickens:It’s Too Darn Hot! (And Dry!)

I am pretty tired. It is kind of like the coldest time of the winter only hot. Starting at about 6:00 a.m., I am up and doing chicken chores and watering different areas of my gardens. (I don’t water at night because it just encourages bugs.) I have been changing the chickens’ water (three fonts) about three time a day and watering the yard and the grass in front of it at night so they have cooler damp dirt to dig and dust bathe in to help cool down. I also give them cold melon rinds and salad castoffs during the hottest time of the afternoon. I’ve been running a fan in the coop 24/7.

I also have been integrating a new flock (unavoidable because there was no longer room for them at my neighbor’s who had brooded four more chicks than she had room for), so I pen them separately within the yard during the hottest time of the day to keep the stress levels as low as possible for all of them. The old biddies would drive them away from food, water, and shade if I didn’t control their environment. I also have had to monitor the temps in the coop (I have been shutting it up during the day, and it stays 2 or 3 degrees cooler than the outside, plus it is shaded for part of the day by the overhang of the roof.) because the new chicks will stay in there no matter what when the old biddies are controlling the yard.

We’ve had 103.7 to 103.4 for highs for the last few days, and that is without the heat index figured in. It has been so hot that pavement has been heaving up, and there have been terrible accidents. It looks like today is going to be another scorcher. My family is traveling again (last weekend it was to attend a house warming/Masters degree party in Minnesota), but again, I will not be with them (this week it is a high school graduation in Illinois). The animals need too much care in these extreme conditions.

New additions to my flock before the heatwave

It is supposed to cool off tonight, and it does already feel much better outside. We may even open the house up before we go to bed tonight. I’ll be up at false dawn tomorrow. I want to be out observing the coop before the girls wake. Begonia

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