Death by Chocolate 2012: Mint-Chocolate Brownies

I’m very late writing about this year’s Death by Chocolate. Better late than never—especially when sharing the potent lure of chocolate!

This year I decided to enter the brownie category, something new for me. I tried a number of fancy recipes in preparation for the event, and then it started to feel just a little too much like competing.

I gave up competing years ago.

I turn into a troll when I compete. I find myself becoming  secretive about what I am going to enter,  snarling at family members who dare enter the kitchen when I am baking, and feeling growly toward other contestants who get too close to my masterpieces! After all that unpleasantness and stress—I never won anyway!

So I gave competing up for Lent permanently.

When Death by Chocolate time rolls around in February, I bake something delicious, cut it up, display it attractively, and visit with whoever comes by my table. (I also enjoy using some of my collection of antique and vintage milk glass serving pieces.)  I touch base with friends, acquaintances, and neighbors  who I haven’t seen since the weather got wintery.

My entry this year was simply the best brownie I’ve ever eaten in my life. It is called Mint-Chocolate Brownie. Wow, what an understatement! I’d have named them Cloud Nine Chocolate Mint Brownie Sensations or Tell George Clooney I’ll Call Him Back ‘Cause I’m Busy Eating This Brownie. Please believe me, George Clooney (or fill-in the heart-throb of your choice) would be a poor and distant second.

These brownies pack a wallop. This is a case where a 2×2-inch serving actually IS a serving. A scoop of quality vanilla ice cream is an excellent accompaniment. If you are feeling extravagant, you might garnish it all with a shot of whip cream and some chocolate sprinkles.

Enough said. Here is the link for the recipe complete with accompanying  step-by-step cooking video. Enjoy, Begonia

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