Odds and Ends: Orange Juice

Citrus has been just terrible this season. By this time last year we were well into our third and fourth cases of oranges and grapefruits after polishing off at least four trays of clementines. This year we are still working on our first box of grapefruit and I WISH I could find some decent oranges!

I did try to find some oranges that were halfway sweet. The best I managed was a much too generous bag of oranges that had more in common with an atomic reaction than sunshine. They start out sweet and end up like atomic warheads. I discovered that this shock tartness could be offset by sugar. Rather than consign them to the compost pile, I hauled out my trusty electric orange juicer and got busy.

My first thought was to make the whole mess into a granita but decided that would be too much work. My alternative was to simply freeze the juice in ice trays and use them for the frozen part of future smoothies.

My husband is a smoothie-o-holic. When the daughter and I used to go home to mother for a weekend, he would indulge in chocolate sheet cakes with buttercream icing and quarts of smoothie. All summer long, when any melons or grapes were not sweet enough, they would be chunked or juiced and then frozen for the next binge. Winter has closed in now, but there is still plenty of smoothie making ingredients for the innovative.

Orange Smoothie

1 can crushed pineapple (or fruit of choice)

1 ripe banana

½ cup juice (strawberry-banana or your choice)

½ cup yogurt or low-fat sour cream (optional)

¾ cup frozen grapes

14 orange juice cubes

Put all ingredients in smoothie maker or blender—liquid ingredients on the bottom and frozen ingredients on top. Blend until smooth.

You’ll note that I don’t use ice cubes in my smoothies. That is because I believe that watered drinks are for big fat bawling babies.

You aren’t a big baby—are you?

Didn’t think so.


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