Bloglet: An Open Winter Walk in Donald Park

I’ve shared visits to Donald County Park in Dane County, Wisconsin, before but each year brings changes. This year has been no exception, as we discovered when walking the cabin loop.

We parked at Pop’s Knoll and entered the woods from the wetland, following the renovated trout stream to the settler’s  cabin archeological site now mothballed for winter, continued past the Big (“boiling”) Springs, along the river, through the hay field, and back through the woods and prairie to our starting point.

Foye Cabin foundation in the process of being rebuilt

Big Springs

There was no snow on the ground and the sky was a brilliant blue. The only color in the woods was the vibrant green of growing mosses and a few small ferns. The only sounds were chickadees, blue jays, and the occasional sound of passing car on highway 92.Donld Park County Park on YouTube

Duck weed and watercress

In the water we saw lot of watercress and duck weed. There was only some frost in the

Frost hazed hay field

shaded areas and some isolated patches of ice trapped in the ruts of some north-sloping trails. I’ve enjoyed the carefree nature of the hikes we have been taking this year. The problem has been getting overheated not being warm enough! This should change very soon if we get the snow forecasted!

Time to break out the snowshoes. Begonia

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