Score! Free Book Shelves

My daughter and I noticed these bookshelves on the way home from her speech class. Mongo aren’t they!?

I’m glad to say that our “new” minivan was able to handle them when I came back with my rather reluctant husband to haul them home.  We had to leave the back open and make two trips but we were only a few blocks from home.  There originally were three of these bookcases according to the homeowner who had recently ripped them out of their basement (along with an old laminated counter top circa 1960). Some other party had already picked up one of them leaving the two we claimed. We were glad to get the final two, which we will paint and install floor to ceiling in most of a corner of our office.

We also took the counter top because it was the equivalent of a an 8-foot sheet of clean one-inch plywood that will come in handy for making the custom carcass to complete the shelving of the corner of our in-home basement office.

We were really pleased to find these shelves free for the hauling. Building materials are expensive, and it saved us a couple hundred dollars in wood—not to mention the labor and time of building from scratch.

My advice is to keep a sharp eye out. You never know what you will run across just lying around for the taking! Begonia

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