The Whizbang Garden Cart

I can’t remember now where I first heard about the Whizbang Garden Cart, probably in one of the homesteading magazines I subscribe to. I had used one of these types of carts when gardening for an elderly lady in our garden club. She had a commercially built model of this type of cart. I was very impressed with the huge loads that I could pull with just one hand and how nimbly it scampered over rough ground.

The only thing preventing me from owning one was the price. It cost hundreds of dollars.

I am challenged by situations like this. I spent some time trying to figure out how a person could build one of their own relatively cheaply and wondering if anyone had actually done it. I found that someone had and ordered my copy of Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Garden Cart from Cumberland Books.

The project was on my husband’s honey-do list for a couple of years.

This summer my husband finished making my Whizbang Garden Cart out of materials paid for by cash rewards from our local hardware store and a gift certificate from the local lumber yard I had won as a door prize at a volunteer banquet, as well as odds and ends we already had laying around the garage.

The cart cost us about $20 or $30 out of pocket not counting what we will spend on bigger wheels and possibly a heavier axle. That is not the fault of the design. The smaller ones that we have on it now are ones we took off a junk-picked child’s bike. They fit the axle, but are just holding us until we have the money for the bigger tires and axle. If we had bought all the materials, it still only would have been about $150 (much less than the cost of a comparable big, heavy-duty garden cart bought readymade). What it costs you will depend on what modifications you make and how much stuff you can scavenge or unearth from garage and outbuildings!

We used the cart most recently to move the loads of cinder block and brick we have been gleaning from our village compost site. (See my October 27, 2011 blog, “Compost Site Diving: From Their Yard to My Table.”) My husband wants to build a bigger storage shed at the back of our garage to accommodate chicken feed and supplies, fire wood , chimineas, lawnmowers, and yes, the Whizbang Garden Cart during the off season! We will need the bricks for the foundation piers.

I can foresee using this sturdy cart for a lot of heavy or cumbersome jobs around My Little Farm in Town in years to come. Begonia

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