Frugal Remodeling: Our new (to us) Kohler Comfort Height Potty

This potty has provenance!

I never thought I would do it, but I bought a used potty for $10 at a yard sale.

My husband and I were out on an über-romantic garage saling date when I spotted it. He had stayed in the car because there wasn’t much out in this driveway, and what was there was mostly toys or looked girly. He was only interested in tools and building materials, so he stayed in the car and told me to wave if I thought there was anything of interest to him.

It wasn’t long before I started waving.

There it was—a handsome black, Kohler, comfort height, 1.6 gallon beauty with insulated tank. The color stalled me for a while, but I figured we would just decorate around it—pick out a counter top with black in it and maybe add some black tiles to the floor. The last toilet we bought was new and cost over $300. Yes, you can buy a toilet for less at any big-box home center, but they are garbage—even plumbers that don’t stand to profit off of you will tell you this. (They hate putting in cheap toilets because when the toilet goes wrong, they get blamed.) We would like to buy a really nice bathtub for that bathroom, and if we have to spend money, we want to spend it on the tub.

The folks running the sale had intended to install the Black Beauty in their rental but had never gotten around to it. Now they just wanted to off-load it. I lifted the toilet seat to find the bowl full of water with a plastic water bottle floating in it. (Used fixtures are not for the faint of heart.) The working parts in the tank were covered with hard water deposits and needed to be replaced.  Once my husband did this, the potty worked just fine.

Do you think less of me because I buy the ultimate used bathroom fixture? You shouldn’t. Think about when you last moved into a different apartment or house. Did you pull out the toilet and install a new one just because someone else had used it before you moved in? When you have guests to your home and they use the facilities—do you replace the toilet the next day? Nope. You clean it and go on with life (unless, of course, you are Adrian Monk!).

You never know when you will find that one item that you use daily and talk about for years to come. I’m sure this will be true of our sleek new (to us) dusky porcelain beauty! Begonia

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