Strawberries: First Harvest

Strawberry beds in full bloom in my front yard garden.

I’ve had people asking how my strawberries worked out this year. I thought I would have winter kill in at least one of the beds because one variety wasn’t supposed to be winter hardy. All of the varieties came through and we had a bumper crop! We ended up picking as many berries from our front yard patch as I have picked from U-Pick strawberry farms in previous years.

We found two of the varieties to be a bit more tart than some of the June bearing varieties, but the strawberry flavor was excellent. We enjoyed shortcake, cheese cake, freezer jam, and berries mixed into our breakfast cereal, smoothies, and over ice cream. I even was able to share with the neighbors!

All of last year’s hard work paid off! (See my May 18, 2010, “Planting Strawberries” blog.) The strawberry beds have paid for themselves in their first full season. They are everbearing plants, so there may be more fruit to enjoy later in the season. I will certainly be sharing strawberry starts with friends and neighbors next year. Begonia

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