God Took My Power Cord Away

Dear Heatherie:

God took my power cord away! I think I needed a little mental vacation from my website and all things cyber as well! My Dell laptop power cord died four or five weeks ago, and I thought a new one was just a day or two away. Days have lengthened into weeks.

We ordered and have had gotten two backorder notices from Dell so far. Maybe there are a couple million of us twiddling our thumbs waiting for Dell to send us new cords!

I’m typing this on my dinosaur desktop computer which I can’t load pictures into without a lot of drama, and I hate to post without pictures!

No, I didn’t get lost in the woods, and life has gone on here even though I haven’t been writing about it:

  • We finally found our mess of morels and had a feast. My daughter found 12 of the 13 that we fried up for our annual morel  foraging feast.
  • I found no morels this year but photographed a lot of interesting rocks, trees, and wildflowers. (I also picked up one of the tiny Lyme bearing ticks in the process. Not fun.)
  • The strawberries I blogged on last year are now bearing fruit, and we have been eating them on pancakes, shortbread, and breakfast cereal.
  • I bartered young raspberry plants for the smoking of the brisket of the beef that I bought earlier in the year. It was so wonderful reheated in a crockpot with my homemade barbeque sauce. (Yes, I am the SAUCE BOSS.)
  • The entire north side of the house now is bordered by a 5-foot deep hosta bed as well as the base of my entire shaded woodland rock garden. (I had to move a mountain of wood ships, a fair sized leaf pile, a bunch of wood poles, and a tarp- covered mound of compost to do it!)
  • I lost another hen to an ovarian infection. We will miss May. She was a bit hysterical, but we loved her anyway.
  • We are on a “Waste No Food” campaign, so lots of “Odds and Ends” are being used creatively.
  • The homeschooling year is coming to an end, so I am spending more time doing work in the business. We have been combining work and play (?) into busman’s holidays in different nearby towns with good coffee shops and lovely public libraries.
  • The worms and houseplants are all rebedded and outside for the summer.
  • The southside garden is now planted with the basil and tomatoes I started from seed.
  • February’s giant chip piles are just about spread.
  • We used all our food budget for graduation and babyshower gifts, so I’ve been cooking mainly from stored food, and it has been going well.
  • Five large planters have been replaced with zinc and terra cotta I’ve scavenged or bought cheaply at garage sales, and hundreds of pounds of dirt have been moved in the replacement process.
  • I used odd job money to buy a real steel fence for the front yard. We’ve been getting lots of compliments.
  • We are harvesting radishes, onions, chives, parsley, dill, greens, lettuce, and strawberries from the front yard.
  • I continue to scavenge and garage sale. My most recent find was an 18-speed mountain bike in good working condition for my son who needed a cheap way to exercise and get around in Minneapolis. A neighbor had just put it on the curb to get rid of it along with a lawnmower and chair. My timing was perfect. I also found a zinc tub to replace a rotting whiskey half barrel planter in my front garden discarded at the village compost site.
  • My nurse bed of Sweet William and Canterbury Bells are blooming!

What’s coming up?

  • We are planning a yard sale with a friend across town.
  • The compost piles are cooking, and I am just about ready to tear down last year’s bin to spread on beds and top dress pots.
  • The chicken coop is due for it’s annual deep cleaning. (I gradually clean out the litter and layer it into the compost bins. When there is only enough litter in the bottom of the coop for one more layer in one of my bins, it is coop cleaning time. I’m waiting for a sunny dry day.)
  • The chicken yard straw is broken down enough to use as mulch on the flower beds and raspberries.
  • I will be creating a nurse bed for peonies this week. I bought the seeds at the Peony Society booth at the Midwest Garden Expo. (See my February archives under Frugal Family Fun.)

There have been no small jobs this spring! I’m looking forward to a more relaxed summer. Begonia

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