In Season: Egyptian Onions

We are already eating vegetables from our garden. I made a salad last night that included Egyptian onions also known as walking onions, top onion, and tree onion. The botanical name of the plant is Allium cepa viviparum (or A. cepa proliferum).

To me these onions are a much a part of spring as robins! They are one of the first vegetables that I pick and eat from my own garden. I use them like scallions (green onions).They find their way into stir fries, eggs, salads, and quiches.

This is a very hardy plant that reproduces from the small onion sets that develop on the tips of its leaves in their second growing season.  The tips of these plants bow down to the ground, allowing the new onions to establish themselves. These sets can also be eaten, pickled, or used to flavor vinegar.

I bought my onions at a local garden club plant sale 15 years ago and have shared plants with friends. You can buy them from seed companies and sometimes can find them at local greenhouses. Plant them in rich, well-drained soil in a sunny location. Like all onions, they need to be kept free of weeds.

Add some of these onions to an area of your garden that will not be disturbed, and enjoy onions that plant themselves for many years to come! Begonia

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