Bloglet: Brush Piles and Fruit Trees

April 20, 2011

Now that the village is picking up brush again, I’ve begun renewing the back (east) boundary of My Little Farm in Town. My first act was to cut out the cottoneaster that has been taking over and harboring nests of baby rabbits.  I have plans to plant fruit and nut trees in this area next year once I get the brush cleared and the ground enriched.

We also have a large tree that needs to go. It is falling down in chunks into the alleyway and backyard. It isn’t a danger because of where it is located, so we continue to get quotes on what it will cost to have someone come and take it down. So far the cheapest quote has been $2,000!

Last fall, I noticed how intensively the orchards were planting what looked like a super-dwarfing variety of apple tree. It looked like a method I could adopt on my “back 40” (feet!). Like most of my plans that include growing things, it will probably take a year or so to implement. For now I am building brush piles and soil. Begonia

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