Garage Saling: First Village Wide of the 2011 Season!

It was a cold and windy day. . .  No really, it was and spitting rain. No matter, all of us hardcases were out there hitting those garage sales hard anyway!

The Bassette walnut veneer coffee table was probably my nicest find ($10), closely followed by the Nordic Ware minibundt pan ($2). The most whimsical was a tossup between the foil/Mylar gift decorations (destined to serve as ornaments on another catastrophic Nightmare Before Christmas tree) and the red plastic half a teacup and saucer (vintage!) wall sconce I found at the fire station fund-raiser sale.

I found quite a few NEW and useful things: large square basket, 4 packages of index cards, 3 spiral-bound note cards, Hallmark note cards, Yankee candles and tarts, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion and body wash, lovely wrapping paper, and 2 humorous birthday cards.

I was surprised at the sellers who were willing to deal on the first day of a village wide sale, but the weather was blustery and it won’t be getting better.  I think there will be some more time tomorrow to hit the sales before the weather really closes in with rain and winds gusting to 45 miles per hour in the afternoon! Begonia

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