Bloglet: Only Letters Last

April 9, 2011

We visited my favorite thrift store, The Bethesda House of Thrift on our way home from the Dane Country 4-H Communication Arts Festival today. (I love the “House of Thrift” part of the name, I could just imagine a group of Lutheran church ladies thinking that name up over coffee sometime in the 1940s—God Bless them!)

I and another woman were pawing through the craft section when she struck up a conversation with me. It turns out this woman was from England and had been living in the States for some time. She commented on how she was going to be shipping some stuff that she’d found that day to her sister back in England and how expensive it was. I agreed with her and mentioned my English pen friend. She stated that even though it was expensive, she would rather send or receive a letter than an e-mail and said that she still had all her late Mother’s letters to her. One of her sisters, who had always lived in England, said that she didn’t have any letters from their mother—because she used to phone her regularly. This woman said she was going to send copies of the letters to her sister so she would be have some concrete remembrances of their mother. E-mail, telephone, and letters are all ways of keeping in touch with loved ones—but only letters last. Begonia

P.S. I have saved all of my Mother’s letters over the years as well!

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