Bloglet: The Sky Is Falling—The Sky is Falling!

April 4, 2011

It started out sounding like squirrels running across the roof, then raccoons (Big ones), and finally, a large herd of cows. Bert (our cat) hid under the bed. (He is terrified of storms.) I was terrified for our car. I turned to my husband and said, “Quick, we need to do whatever is necessary to get the van in the garage!” He just shook his head at me and said that we would never manage it. (Our remodeling materials are taking up all the available space in the garage right now.)

All we could do was stare hopelessly at each other and wince at the especially loud thumps and the crashes as hail smashed on the roof and metal rain cap of the chimney.

And then I remembered the cold frames. . . .

It hailed on and off for what really was a short time (but felt like longer) and then rained heavily and hailed some more. When there was a pause, I grabbed a flashlight and ventured outside to assess the damage. My husband had just finished the new second frame before dark that day.  I was relieved to find both cold frames in good shape and covered the planted one with Styrofoam board just in case it started to hail again.

We had reconnected the tandem rain barrels (on the south side of the house near the frames) to the gutters earlier in the day. I heard them filling rapidly as it began to rain again. I quickly scanned the patio for hail stones to bring in the house. I found some unbroken in the hosta beds. They were already starting to melt. It began to thunder, and the lightning was close to overhead, so I decided it would be smart to go back in the house.

Agates of Ice

These were the biggest hail stones I’ve seen since we moved to this little farm in town. I am thankful that we didn’t get the golf ball-size hail other areas experienced. We may have to touch up the car’s paint job, but at least my greens were unharmed! Begonia

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