Curbside: Junk’s Risin’

As cream rises to the top, so it is with junk. People who really don’t want to throw stuff away will put it out early or put it on top where it will catch the eye of some scavenger.

That would be me.

As the weather begins to warm and the days grow longer, I begin to scan the curbs for useful stuff. I was glad that I happened to be driving when I spotted this lamp on the way to a volunteer dinner. Since I was driving, I turned that van around and circled back to check it out. My husband wouldn’t have stopped (although he does junk pick from time to time).

This lamp was sitting next to a box of jackets and purses. Isn’t it sweet? The lamp needs to be rewired, but that isn’t unusual. The shade is faded but still in good shape. I will find a different shade for it and give the old one to someone who will better appreciate it.

This lamp is dusty now, but it will clean up pretty!

I have a weakness for these pressed glass boudoir lamps. Too bad they didn’t put the second one out as well. They usually come in pairs. This one will really sparkle when I get it cleaned up!

I snagged the lamp and a plastic magazine storage crate. I always have a bunch of magazines stacked by my favorite chair, most of which I got for free from the library when they culled their collection or from free-issue offers. They tend to get buried under library books. The whole pile cascades onto the floor periodically.

Before . . .


I love the contrasts of scavenging—the faded glamour of the lamp beside the stark plastic utility of the magazine crate. That is the charm of junking. Begonia

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