Frugal Family Fun: Late Run Movies at the Cheap Seats

We went to movies the movies this past Sunday afternoon and saw Tangled—three of us for $7.50 at the $2.50 matinee price. We could have gone earlier to a $5 movie at the regular theater, waited and eventually rented it from a Redbox for $1, or borrowed it from the library after an even longer wait for free, but we decided to go to the theater to see it on the big screen at the most economical price available.

Since it was a Disney flick, there were lots of kids wiggling around the place and asking questions about the story in loud whispers—which added to the charm of this particular picture. At one point, a  3-year-old princess broke loose and raced up the aisle with a hunched mother chasing behind. The excitement of the movie was just too much for royalty, I guess.

The theatre was clean enough, had bare bones seating and sound, and reminded me of the movie house I used to get dropped off at for Saturday matinees back in the late 1960s. My best friend Dawn and I would watch the cartoons and then the main feature by which time most of the kids had finally settled down and quit bouncing off the walls and throwing popcorn and Good and Plenty. Back then (when dinosaurs still roamed the earth), parents did not stay with their kids at the movies—they should have, but that is another story.

Most larger towns have a budget cinema or second run theater tucked away somewhere. I found out about this one from a cinemaphile (movieoholic) friend of mine. She’d been talking about this cinema for years and calling it by name. I was just clueless and didn’t realize just how cheap the seats were! If you like to eat popcorn or candy, they are usually a little cheaper at the budget theaters as well.

Some movies just work better on the big screen, for example, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek movies. If you have that little bit of extra patience and cash and want to take the family out to the movies, it is hard to beat the Cheap Seats. Begonia

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