We’ve gotten over 16-20 inches of snow since Monday. It really blew last night with winds gusting up to 45 and 50 miles per hour. I found little snow drifts in the corners of the chicken coop this morning. My husband had to shovel through a waist-deep drift to free the furnace exhaust and intake pipes on the south side of the house, while being careful not to fall into window wells.

Road crews were working all night. We heard them working on the streets at 2:00 a.m., and the streets were plowed when we woke at 6:30–which is really quite amazing considering. Of course, there are still the 3 to 4-foot piles of snow between the sidewalk and plowed street to contend with. Good thing we don’t have anywhere to go today!

We put on our snowshoes this morning to check on elderly neighbors. I was concerned that their furnace pipes might be covered with snow drifts like ours were. They were fine. They had other worries. One had a dog that needed to go out, but her side door was drifted shut. Another just wanted to be able to open her front door. Even though she had nowhere to go, I think it made her feel less trapped. When these things happen, it is good to remember that you have neighbors, and they are all still there. It is easy to feel isolated otherwise. Count your blessings! Begonia

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