Wire Wrap Jewelry Rescue

A friend of mine in England sent me a lovely Christmas present this year. The only problem was that it had a bit of a rough passage and arrived in a number of pieces.

I read the customs declaration sticker and (thought) it said “Seeds.” I shook the package next to my ear, heard it rattle, and smiled. I decided to open it before Christmas because I just couldn’t wait, and my friend had already e-mailed and asked if the package had arrived!  Imagine my surprise when I found that the package contained an art glass pendant and matching earrings in a number of jingling chunks. I took another look at the label and realized it actually said “Beads.” (Don’t ask me how I managed to read it wrong; S— your handwriting is fine.)

I sat in my recliner with my handful of attractive but broken glass and couldn’t bear to throw it away. Then I thought of my daughter who had made many wire wrapped pendants from beads and smooth hunks of semiprecious stone as Christmas presents for relatives. I asked her if she could do anything with the larger pieces of glass and she said, “Sure!” and spent a few hours making a long necklace out of the glass shards after smoothing the edges on a wet stone.  It turned out to be a beautiful and reversible piece of jewelry. (The back of the glass is green.)

I love my new necklace and it is doubly special because of the friend who sent it and the daughter who refashioned it! Begonia

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