Indian Summer: Peck of Peppers

We are now experiencing Indian Summer in Wisconsin. We have had two frosts, and the weather has warmed up for a brief time before settling down to cool, rainy autumn.

There is always a big flurry of activity among gardeners at this time of year to harvest and store the last of the summer produce. My friend had bumper crop of end-of-season sweet peppers and no freezer space to store them. I was grateful that she gifted me with a plastic shopping bag of the bounty!

Peppers are one of the easiest vegetables to freeze. There is no need to blanch (boiling briefly)—just rinse, core, knock out the seeds, cut in half, and throw the pieces in a plastic bag. They keep well in the deep freeze until the next crop is ready to eat (saving you a lot of money midwinter when the price of fresh peppers skyrocket).

It is easy to take just what you need for a recipe or meal out of the bag and leave the rest in the freezer. The pieces are not so thick that it is hard to chop them when they are frozen if you wish. I use the frozen or thawed peppers in TexMex recipes, stir fries, casseroles, soups, and egg dishes.

Try freezing some peppers, it beats the work of pickling them! Begonia

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