Upside-Down Tomatoes: Frist Fruit

I was afraid I wouldn’t get any ripe fruit from my hanging tomatoes before frost. My worry was groundless. I picked the first fruit, and we ate it on a salad recently. I still don’t know what variety it is, but it must be an early one!

The plants are doing well through this hot, dry weather. The chicks are stressed by the heat and humidity, but the tomatoes love it as long as they are watered. I have been watering the tomatoes daily; otherwise, there would be problems with the fruit ripening correctly and blossom end rot. (I did have a little blossom end rot on one of the hanging tomatoes because I let it get too dry when the fruit was forming.)

The upside-down tomatoes turned out to be a successful experiment. I think I will grow some again next year. Begonia

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