Tomatoes, Zucchini, and Cucumbers: Just Say Thank You!

When someone offers me the overflow produce from their gardens at this time of year, I’ve learned to just say, ”THANK YOU, I’LL TAKE IT ALL—REALLY, NO PROBLEM!”

I am in the process of converting more and more of my lawn into garden. I have another garden space that, sadly, is under the malignant influence of black walnut trees, so it no longer produces much food for my family. As a result, I appreciate the generosity of friends and acquaintances at this time of the season.

Today, I am going to blanching and freezing zucchini and making a small batch of salsa. The tomatoes for the salsa came from a good friend and chicken mentor of mine who I visited on her farm last week. She sent me home with cherry and slicing tomatoes and some cucumbers and zucchini that she had been given by someone else!

I dried the cherry tomatoes, made refrigerator pickles from the cucumbers, and I will make the salsa today. I’ll share how I dried the tomatoes and the recipe for the refrigerator pickles this week. Begonia

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