Requiem for my Lucy

I lost Lucy yesterday. She died of an inflammation/bacterial infection of her oviduct called Salpingitis. It was caused by the same bacterial infection (“cold”) that I managed to nurse her through this spring. (See my Sick Chick, May 22, 2010 blog.) This time antibiotics didn’t work—I guess they just don’t most of the time with this sickness.  It is the most common cause of death in layers.

I’m grateful that I live in an area of Wisconsin with a high concentration of people keeping small flocks of pet chickens. The large animal vet I was referred to was sympathetic and helpful but also realistic and truthful with me. We nursed her to the end just as you would your dog or cat. We buried her this morning shortly after sunrise. She was a good hen. I will miss her greeting me each morning and being my gardening buddy.  Begonia

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