Garage Saling: Stocking Stuffers

I hit some great sales this past weekend. Once again, it was quality not quantity. I shop for Christmas gifts year ‘round. This week I found a bonanza of stocking stuffers. If you wait until the Christmas season and buy at retail prices—even with the great sales during the holidays—you can still end up spending a king’s ransom for the contents of the Christmas stockings!

My husband brought the tradition of Christmas stockings to the marriage. When the kids were small, it was easy: cheap toys and Christmas candy! When they were teenagers, it changed to mostly BAGS of Christmas candy! Now they are adults, health conscious, and much more discerning in their tastes.

It’s a lot more fun shopping for them!

I still put some candy in the stockings, but I also add things like soap, stationary, books, pens, Christmas mugs, vintage bottle openers, themed tree ornaments, mittens, candles, toiletries, perfume, soap, movies, small kitchen items, craft supplies, jewelry, and other odds and ends. Unless they are vintage or books, they have to be “new.” I find them all at garage sales within 12 miles of home.

Here’s a list of what I found just this week:

  • Amy Butler (Whoever she is!) desk set—50 cents
  • Large bar of rose soap—50 cents
  • Two lilac Colonial Candles votives—25 cents for two
  • Two sage green tapers—25 cents for the pair
  • Lavender Hand Cream—50 cents
  • Set of four shower gels–$1.50
  • Peach glycerin soap—50 cents
  • Stationary set–$1.00
  • Mandarin bath gel and lotion—50 cents for both
  • Yankee Candle Christmas Wreath Tart—25 cents

I think the reason I find these luxury items regularly at sales is because the personal tastes of the giver and receiver clashed. They didn’t like the color or the scent, or the husband can’t stand scented candles (Good, more for me!).  All this ends up in the garage or driveway at insanely low prices as a result, and they are all new, unopened, and ready for gift giving.

The next time you are passing a garage sale on fine summer morning, stop and shop with Christmas stockings in mind. Begonia

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