Seating Areas in the Garden

I have six areas to sit in on My Little Farm in Town. When my daughter was too young to play outside alone, I spent a lot of time standing around (when I wasn’t gardening on my hands and knees). I soon became tired of standing or sitting in damp or prickly grass. Gradually, I began to add benches and chairs to the various parts of the yard in which we spent most of our time.

View from the sitting area under our willow.

As the years and garage sale seasons passed, I added small tables to these areas and then wood chips and patio brick (with the help of my husband). As my daughter got older, I added outdoor fireplaces (chimineas) to at least half of these areas.  A couple seating areas have lovely views of farmland (we live near the edge of town), others face flower borders or my rocky shade garden, and I have potted flower gardens that border others.

Almost all of the chairs and tables came from the curbside or garage sales. I found enough patio bricks for two areas for 15 cents a block. It took me two or three trips to get them all home in the back of my trusty old Toyota Tercel (I loved that car), and about 10 years before we figured out what we were going to do with them! (I always know what things will come in handy—I just don’t always know when! It drives my poor husband insane.) The wood chips mostly came free from the town composting site or a passing tree service truck! I put cardboard that I collected from the local appliance dealer or scavenged from other sources right down on the sod and covered it with four to six inches of wood chips—instant seating area!

It doesn’t take much time or money to create a seating area for relaxing and enjoying Your Little Farm in Town! Begonia

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