Garage Saling Again: My Latest Find!

I went to my first village wide garage sale of the season in a nearby small town. A lot of people pass up this town, but I always find it a good start to “the season.”

This year my favorite find was a Hobart-made K-5 Kitchen Aid heavy-duty mixer with bowl, spatter shield, and dough hook for $25. It cleaned up nicely with some Simple Green spray and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It works fine.

My old K-5 pooped out and resisted repair after 14 years of hard service with me—it was well broken in when I purchased it for $70 with multiple attachments. (We are keeping it as a parts machine). I will be selling my stop gap wimpy stand mixer at our next garage sale.

The new Kitchen Aid mixers are made in China. After some research and reading a number of unfavorable reviews on line, I came to the conclusion that they are inferior to the now discontinued American-made Hobart models.  (Hobart makes heavy duty equipment for commercial bakeries.) Besides, I can’t afford a new Kitchen Aid or anything heavy duty and new anyway!

Needless to say, I was elated to spot this neglected and greasy jewel on the back table among the flotsam and jetsam at a more than reasonable price. I did enquire as to why it was in the garage sale, and the woman, a bit taken aback by my candor, replied, “Well, it’s older and I don’t use it much anymore.” I though fine by me and said, “Sold!”  It turned out to be a good day for both of us. Begonia

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