My Little Cold Frame 5: Harvest

Ready to Harvest

I harvested my first salad from the frame. I used a kitchen scissors to cut the mesclun mix. I also did my final thinning of the radishes and my pitiful spinach. I used the greens from my radishes in a stir fry that night for supper.  Radish greens are very good added to a stir fry in the last few minutes of cooking so that they wilt. They are very scratchy, so I don’t use them raw in salad. (I also slice and stir fry the roots when I have them.)

I've been looking forward to this first real salad of the year! The radish thinnings will make a nice addition to a pork stir fry.

The second planting of mesclun mix on the right side of the frame is coming on nicely and should be ready by the time the left side begins to bolt and is fed to the hens. I’ll then use that space to harden off tomatoes and peppers. Begonia

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