A New Use for Old Blinds

Spring is in full swing here in the Midwest! I’ve been doing a lot of potting and planting this past week.  I’ve been repurposing a lot of old blinds or slats taken out of new blinds when shortening them.  They make great plant labels and row markers!

I prefer to use metal rather than plastic or wooden blinds because wood rots and plastic becomes brittle and doesn’t hold permanent marker or graphite pencil markings through a whole season. The metal also lasts more than one season, and because it is painted, doesn’t rust.

The metal blinds cut easily with a kitchen scissors. (This kind of cutting can dull scissors, so don’t use your best pair!) I label with an indelible marker in a dark color on one side of the cut-to-size blind. If I want to use it over again with a different plant next year, I just wash in warm soapy water or wipe with a damp cloth and label on the other end.

I hope this tip comes in handy for you while you garden this Spring. Begonia

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