Spring Cleaning and My Free Potting Bench

My latest find! This is the potting bench I found curbside. You could seat a family of six around this table if they didn't mind the dirt and weathering! I like the size of it, and the price was right.

I love spring cleaning. Especially when other people are doing it! Someone was cleaning out their back yard and placed this beauty on the curb. I was on my way to visit a friend across town when I spotted it. I dig and pot an increasing number of perennials each year on My Little Farm in Town, as well as do an increasing amount of container gardening. A raised area to divide and pot is getting more important each year. It is much easier on the back as well!

My husband has offered to build me a potting bench. He happens to be the handy one around here as far as tools and wood goes. He has a lot of other projects going that I would like to see him spending his time on. (For example, I’d rather he made me that Whizbang Garden Cart for Mother’s Day than toil over a potting bench.)

You might be asking yourself—“How does a woman with a bad back get something like that home?” Rule #1 of curbside reclamation is “Grab It Now Because It Won’t Be There When You Come Back!” Out of necessity, I have become an expert at positioning my van so that I can tip unwieldy things onto the tailgate and shove them in! Unloading at home requires the help of my husband or any other burly individual I can draft for the job.

Space is at a premium around here, so I actually will have to do some spring cleaning myself to fit my find onto the concrete apron by the rear door of my garage. I think it will be worth the effort. Begonia

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