Free Mulch!

Every spring some part of my yard needs the wood chip mulch renewed. Our village used to deliver the wood chips they made from the trees they had trimmed and the brush and tree limbs that people put out on the street for them to pick up. (Yes, I know that not many cities even pick up your brush much less bring you the chips just because you are a tax payer anymore!) We still have access to them at the village compost site—it just means shoveling chips twice rather than once. My back isn’t that great, and my husband has other chores to do, so I’ve had to think of a new strategy for getting the chips that I need.

When I noticed a tree service truck pass my house and heard a big chainsaw working down the street, I put on my shoes and tracked the sound to its source.  I noted the partially loaded truck box and carefully approached the people working to cut up the last of a very large cottonwood.  I waited for them to notice me and then asked if they would be willing to drop their partial load of chips in my driveway rather than hauling them 25 miles back to their dump site. I also pointed out that they would probably get better mileage home if they gave them to me!

They laughed and said, “Sure!”

Free Mulch! This mulch is pretty rough but perfect for the purpose of creating a mud-free walkway and staging area.

So I have a nice manageably sized pile of wood chips to renew the surface of my north side yard—for  free.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need—especially if you are creating a win-win situation! Begonia

Note: Be sure to enquire if the load contains black walnut or anything diseased.

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