My Little Cold Frame 3

My Covered Little Cold Frame. Here is the frame with foam insulation board in place. I wait for the sun to shine on it before I take it off when the temperatures are freezing.

The temperature has finally risen above freezing, and I have just come in from uncovering the cold frame. I cover it with two-inch Styrofoam insulation board when the temperatures drop into the low thirties (F) at night. Our low was 20 F early this morning.  Our frost date in this part of Wisconsin is May 21, so I’ll probably have a few more cold nights!

I waited for the sun to come around and shine on the cold frame before uncovering it. The temperature was a little above freezing inside the frame.  A completely insulated box would be warmer, but I’ve had good luck with the insulation board so far. Once uncovered, the frame warms up quickly with even a little bit of solar. The types of plants I have in the frame withstand cold well: radishes, mesclun mix (cut-and-come-again greens), and spinach (which is all up now).

There were robins bathing in this birdbath a few days ago. The weather changes rapidly at this time of year!

The bird bath is frozen solid, but it still is looking like spring in the cold frame! Growing green, Begonia

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