Christmas in March!

Box O' Christmas Glory! I can't believe that someone would throw out all this festive holiday cheer.

I was walking home from delivering a half dozen eggs  to a neighbor when I noticed a large, flat  cardboard storage box printed with a floral design and tied neatly with thick old cotton string perched carefully on top of a trash can. It was garbage day.

A quick peek under the edge of the lid confirmed it was filled with something just a bit too good to dump into an anonymous black plastic bag. When I got the box home, I realized that it was chock full of the Glory of Christmas. It was tightly packed with Ziploc bag after Ziploc bag of hand shucked Christmas in plastic canvas, beads, and wired figures with clown and doll heads. Santa enshrined in an ice cave of faceted plastic beads, tableaus captured in upturned communion cups, bejeweled and sequined Styrofoam balls full of pins. Oh the Splendor!

Although at first I found most of the ornaments not to my taste, I had to admire all the hours of determined and careful crafting that had gone into creating them. There were at least a couple of hundred pieces of carefully constructed kitsch.

Pretty soon I started noting how they caught the light and began envisioning how they would look on a tree—a magnificent gleaming masterpiece, a tribute to all those folks who just can’t stop making shiny Christmas stuff! I could see them reflecting the glow of multicolored lights while the chipmunks sang “Christmas Don’t Be Late” in the background.  It was almost too much holiday joy to bear.

Rescued Angel. This little girl now graces my special place of memories and favorite things--what a gal!

I’ve decided not to donate the contents of the box to Saint Vincent de Paul. I already have a few pieces worked into my eclectic décor. The rest I will carefully store in my warm, dry furnace room until November when I kick off the season with my annual family Christmas gathering.  Begonia

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