First Sale of the Season and Garage Sale Journaling

I went to the first garage sale of the season this past weekend, and I believe that I have skunked all of my sisters and my DEAR mother in having attended the first sale of the 2010 season. True—this was a sale held in a church basement, but it was listed in the local ad shopper as a “HUGE 9-Family Sale.”

We have a friendly competition within the family every year for who will be the first to attend a garage sale. At this time of the year in Wisconsin, these sales usually take place inside! I did pretty well. Here is what I got for $15.50.

  • NEW One pair Wool men’s Wigwam socks  (for my husband to use cross country skiing)—50 cent
  • NEW Home Interiors Very Berry column candle—25 cents
  • NEW Tyler Candle Co. Limelight votive—25 cents
  • Five newborn t-shirts (for Midwife Kits)—$1
  • Vintage flower pot—25 cents (I collect)
  • Vintage ice cream scoop with red Bakelite handle—$1 (I collect)
  • Stainless steel measuring cups: 2 cup, two 1/3 cups, ½ cup, 1/8 cup, and ¼ cup—$1
  • Jergens and Victoria Secret lotion—2 tubes for $1
  • Two short Gap hooded and zippered sweatshirts: black and white—2 for $4
  • Trendy, short, black and white sweater with three-quarter length sleeves, shawl collar—$2
  • Two V-neck shirts for layering—$1.50
  • Two camisoles: black and white—50 cents
  • Three black shirts for layering—$1 (All ten clothing items are for my daughter who just went through another growth spurt—I keep trying to avoid taking her to the mall.)
  • Two knit cotton dishwashing cloths—$1 (I know—a princely sum, but I wanted them.)
  • Faux pearl multistrand necklace—25 cents
  • FREE quilted zipper shoe bag (Gotta love those free boxes!)
  • FREE hair scrunchy

How and WHY do I keep track of all this stuff? How—I keep a journal of all the stuff I buy, the date, sometimes the place, my impressions of the day, and how much I paid. WHY—I get most of our household goods, craft materials, books, entertainment (CDs/DVDs), clothing, and home improvement items at garage and estate sales. (I’m not an auction gal, although I love auction-goers’ sales!) In order to budget, my husband and I need to know where the money is going.  Also,  some sales are consistently good or bad, and I like to remember where they are located—to get there early in the first case and to avoid wasting time in the latter case! (I know that this isn’t very noble, but sometimes I just like to reread the journal just to gloat!)

Have you been to any good garage or estate sales yet?  I’d love to hear about your latest best deal! Begonia

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