Another Use for Empty Cereal Bags

One of the tips for the day recently on concerned reuses for the extremely stout inner packaging of  breakfast cereals and crackers. These bags can also be used to freeze food. When I buy chicken or ground turkey in bulk, I divide the meat into meal-size portions and place them in one of these bags, squeeze out the air, and fold it closed, and tape it shut with masking or freezer tape. These bags don’t leak and are tough enough to bump around the deep freeze without breaking.

This tip was one of the first things I learned from a good friend of mine when I was part of our Frugal Friends group. The group is disbanded now, but I picked up a lot of good information and have made contacts to coop on food. I still share halves of beef and get tips on bargain shopping food with one of the friends I made while in the group.

You might think about getting together with some other kindred spirits to share information and pool resources. It is a good way to offset some of the rising costs of living. Begonia

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