Make Your Own: Room Scents for Cents

My good neighbor down the street is a truly green person. (She earnestly tries to treads as lightly on the earth as an American can.) She introduced me to making my own non-aerosol room sprays.

I used to buy orange spray and other scents of spray from time to time from home decorating parties (or from the garage sales of people who had attended these parties). These sprays consisted of some kind of mysterious liquid and scent.

It turns out that (in my neighbor’s recipe) the mysterious liquid is water and the scent is essential oil. I reuse the glass bottles and spray pumps of some room sprays I found at garage sales for fifty cents or a couple of dollars. (The original price was $10 at a home party–I imagine they are more expensive now.) I have a stash of essential oils that I amassed during a period of potpourri making years ago. I also find bottles of essential oils at sales for a dime or quarter. (I don’t like to pay more than 50 cents.)

I pour 12 or 13 drops of essential oil into the empty spray bottle and top it up with water from the tap. You can add more oil depending on how strong you want the scent. You can blend oils or use only one scent at a time. I like lavender and  cinnamon but have also used and blends of evergreen oils.

It’s nice to know exactly what you are spraying and breathing. I also enjoy tailoring the scent to the season. Happy spritzing. Begonia

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