Clean and Thrifty: Cheap foam soap refills

I stocked up on shampoo this past week at out local variety store. Eighteen fluid ounces cost me a dollar. I have a child with hair almost to her waist that she washes daily. We go through a lot of shampoo!  I employ the “pantry method” of buying. When I find a good deal, I buy enough to last until the next sale or the next YEAR!

We use shampoo for more than hair. . . we also use it to wash our hands. On our little farm in town, we pay for our water twice, coming into the house as well as leaving it.  Water and sewer rates are rising like every other household product and service. One way we found of saving in both areas was to start using foam soap.

Foam soap saves on water because it is wet already, being mostly water and just a little soap. You don’t have to run the water to get you hands wet. You only have to run the water to rinse.

The refills are expensive for the same reasons: mostly water and just a little soap. I’ve gotten around this by reusing the empty dispenser. I squirt a couple of tablespoons of shampoo into the dispenser container and fill the rest of it with water. I usually buy a store brand to get the first batch of soap solution and dispenser as inexpensively as possible. (Watch for sales of a dollar or less on foam hand soap.)

The beauty of shampoo is that it is economical and comes in so many wonderful scents. Shower and bath jells and even dish soaps also work. All these products are concentrated, so a little goes a long way–one bottle can last for months!

I hope this saves a few of you a few bucks. Every little bit helps these days. Begonia.

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