Garden Memories

This a blog that I started and never got back to. It was supposed to be a garden update–hah! I was going to trash it and then I started to just look at the pictures and long for good weather. Pitiful–I’m Pitiful.

Anyway, I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. I took so many pictures this summer (which is how my blogs generally start–with an image). Somehow I didn’t get those blogs written at that time.

Well, I’m determined to catch up.

So–get ready for some timely and some untimely entries here on My Little Farm in Town. I think that some of the things I will write about will be useful to you or maybe just fun. Take Care, Begonia


It’s been raining for the last few days. I’ve been working in the garden each day doing a little something. This is generally how I get the job done–20 minutes here, a half hour there.

This job, however took most of a Saturday and then a couple more trips to the village compost site for chips. Woodchips break down eventually and need to be replaced. They also create quite a nice seed bed. Last year I had so many little annuals and perennials popping up that I couldn’t bear to cover them.

This year I had no choice. The front garden looked too disreputable. The first step was digging out all of the weeds and seedling and harvesting the edible plants. In this case mache was the green that I harvested.  After hauling away the weeds to the compost and transplanting stuff that I needed to fill some empty spots. I ended up with four dish pans of transplants for my neighbor who is always to take the overflow.

Here you can see the garden in all it’s early season perfection before I planted all those unruly tomatoes and peppers and green beans! Begonia

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Bloglet: Cat in a Hat

[I just want preface this bloglet by saying that no kitties were harmed or irritated in any way in the making of this blog.]

I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting lately. I don’t have any outdoor animals, and with 10 inches of snow on the ground, the only kind of gardening I’m doing is the indoor variety!

In general, I’m not into dressing animals. But when I saw the pattern for this little hat, I felt I had to make one for our Samwise. Sammy was very good-natured about wearing his little blue hat that matches his eyes.

I then took it off and let him play with the tassels!

I also sent one of these hats in a Christmas box to my youngest “boy” who has two cats–neither of which would tolerate them for even one second–hence, no cute pictures. 😦

However, one of my sister’s cats was happy to model this pink bonnet.

I found the pattern for this little hat on a crochet vlog that I follow. Crystal got some static for photographing one of these hats on one of her cats. (He is very easy going like our Sammy.) I’ve also used my Sam as a model for some scarves I gave away and got a “poor Sammy” comment on that as well. Sam was fine. He sat there and purred! He liked the attention. Begonia







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Merry Christmas!

I hope you all are having a blessed and merry Christmas. I thought I’d share views of the new themed Christmas trees I have decorated this season. I have ten trees set up and decorated this year and two putzes comprised mostly of vintage dime store wax and pre-WW2 felt and paper.

I decorated this tree with crocheted roses (symbol of Mary) that I gave away to friends. That is why the tree looks a bit empty!My granddaughter decorated this tree. I always save this tree for her to trim! I will pack away the star and the angel ornaments and leave the snowflake ornaments on it for the winter. It will be a bright spot in our home during the coldest, darkest days and nights of the year.

I haven’t dressed this tree with my collection of antique ornaments in several years. I finally figured out how to rearrange furniture in the house to safely accommodate it! All the birds on it were found at one garage sale years ago. All their tails had slid back into their bodies and they didn’t look like much–I took them home any way. Here is my favorite one!I’m very pleased with my family Christmas this year. My husband and I were able to enjoy family and sharing Christmas with my granddaughter, daughter, son, and his wife. I also was able to show my daughter in law how to crochet! I wish you all a Happy New Year! Begonia

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