Happy Easter!

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Spring in Wisconsin: Gardening!

Maple sugaring season is over, and I just picked my first fresh salad ingredients from the garden today. I have my raised beds of greens planted (along with a few sugar snap peas), but it will be four or more weeks before I start harvesting them.  It has been pretty brisk lately with snow (which has all melted again as snow will at this time of year), strong winds, and icy rains.

All the plants that I have pictured are edible after a freeze as long as you allow them to defrost before you pick them. I have mache (also known as corn salad) reseeding every Spring. The rosettes of  mache that I picked today germinated from seed dropped last summer, overwintered, and began growing again as soon as the soil warmed a bit. More will germinate as the weather warms.

The green onions are what we call Egyptian onions  and are meant to be cut in the early spring. The plants become woody as the year progresses. They produce sets at their tips, and when the plant bends to the ground under their weight, they take hold where ever they touch earth. Some people harvest these sets to create onion-flavored vinegar.

I also waded into my herb border and cut some fresh chives and sour sorrel. Nothing flavors and tops off a salad like chives. The smell means spring to me.

The sorrel was just coming up, and I noticed that I have a handful of new starts coming from seed. I will continue to experiment in the herb border this season to make it more and more self-sustaining. I like plants that reseed so I don’t have to. I guess I am just getting lazy in my old age! Begonia

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve been busy again! If you are interested in making yourself some of these little fellas. Here is a link to the written pattern and a YouTube tutorial.

We are celebrating St. Pat’s by tapping our maple trees. Spring is in the air! Begonia

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