Bloglet: Portland Roses

Portland is known for its roses. They bloom effortlessly. One of the parks in the city (it’s one the side of mountain) has a rose garden with hundreds of varieties of roses. (The Japanese garden that lies above the rose garden is worth every penny of the entrance fee.) The rose garden, Japanese garden, and the Chinese garden downtown are all well worth a visit when you are in Portland.

These are Mother’s Day roses my son in Portland, Oregon, picked from his yard and sent to me well cushioned, wrapped in a plastic bag, with the cut stems swaddled in wet paper towels. They were a little squashed when they arrived but they took water and revived nicely after I recut the stems.

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Crochet: Some Finished Projects

I recently received an e-mail from a friend with pictures of a blanket she made in a crochet along. It is absolutely a beautiful piece of work. She also knits–I’m so jealous–lovely projects as well. (I think she should send me more pictures of those items as well–hint, hint!)

I crochet A LOT, so many pictures are going to follow. I’m way behind in sharing. This is not a competition my friends, just a demonstration of my mania. Many of the afghans/lap blankets are from tutorials form Fiber Spider on YouTube. He is a lovely guy who makes great tutorials. Be sure to visit his channel if you love crochet.

A gift to my new grandson.
Frilly Baby Blanket
Spider web afghan, A Fiber Spider tutorial
A Fiber Spider YouTube tutorial creation
Another Fiber Spider creation. Fun to make and very cool looking, but the single crochet took forever.
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Happy Easter!

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